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For generations, many communities have relied on Recommerce as a lifeline to basic goods and services. With the every-penny-counts effect of the emerging cost of living crisis and evident impacts of climate change,  most people are increasingly looking to adapt their behaviours to save money and consume more sustainably. Individuals and businesses are increasingly considering transactions to get better value for money and are motivated to participate in recommercial activities, especially resale, rental and repair, to meet their evolving needs. As sustainability, as well as cost, continues to become the expectation rather than the exception, individuals, communities and businesses need to rethink, innovate and scale opportunities to create an inclusive and sustainable future that benefits all.
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Who is involved?


of businesses currently provide Recommerce


of businesses expect % of turnover from Recommerce to increase in next 3 years - with Recommerce already accounting for half or more of turnover for a fifth of

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of consumer engagement with Recommerce activity happens online

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Where is Recommerce growing?

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Consumers in Greece more willing to try new Recommerce activities overall (30% average willingness)


Greater willingness to try Rental in Greece (16%) and Poland (12%)

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SMBs in Greece expect % of turnover from Recommerce to increase in the next three years


SMBs in Italy expect % of turnover from Recommerce to increase in the next three years


SMBs in UK expect % of turnover from Recommerce to increase in the next three years

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What is driving or limiting Recommerce?

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Learn more about our approach

At Visa, we want more people to join the regenerative economy and share its benefits, as part of our mission to uplift everyone, everywhere.