In today's digitised world, risk comes in an ever-increasing number of forms. Our suite of risk-focused offerings support issuers in monitoring, managing and countering risks – wherever they're found.

Visa Advanced Authorization

Provides global issuers with a sophisticated in-flight risk scoring, for more targeted and better-informed authorization decisions.

Simple-to-use risk score

Provides a real-time risk score to help identify good and bad transactions across VisaNet.

Global insights from VisaNet

Harnesses Visa’s global data and perspective of fraud.

Holistic customer views

Uses up to 2 year data profile of account history.

Visa AI platform

Utilizes cloud-based fraud risk models using best-in-class machine learning technology.

How Visa Advanced Authorization helps

$ 28 B

of annual fraud prevented¹

500 +

unique attributes evaluated per transaction in about a millisecond²

25 +

years of AI experience

¹ VisaNet data

² VisaNet unique attributes evaluated

Visa Risk Manager

Leverages the real-time insights of Visa Advanced Authorization and puts them into action. Visa Risk Manager is a web-based suite of tools providing issuers with control and flexibility to manage their risk strategies and risk tolerance. Taps into the power of VisaNet to provide better control of the risks associated with your portfolio using an easily accessible web-based UI 24/7.

Superior customer experience

Gives you the confidence to decline the highest risk transactions, helping to increase customer loyalty, spend, and payment volume.

Key components of Visa Risk Manager

Rules manager

Create, test and publish custom strategies using web interface.

Case manager

Flag transactions for further review and analysis.

Account management

Create rules for specific card accounts, manage whitelists and blacklists.

Report generation

Track account activity, learn from previous transactions and manage the performance of rules.

Transforming your business performance with Visa Analytics Platform

From uplifts in authorization rates to increases in revenue, payments data analytics can offer greater insight, while creating opportunities in the areas that matter most to you. Being a world leader in digital payments, Visa’s solutions can help you unlock value through the power of Payments Data Analytics across a wide range of business needs.
card in hand icon

Improve operational efficiency

Help gain visibility into your portfolio performance across channels, regions, payment types, and more to streamline operations.

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Better manage risk

Help reduce transaction declines and lower fraud rates with deeper insights into decline reasons, fraud patterns, and performance vs. peers.

Increase Cardholder Engagement

Help better understand cardholder behavior and uncover new trends to deliver personalized experiences to become top-of-wallet.

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From uplifts in authorization rates to increase in revenue, payments data analytics can offer insight, while creating opportunities in the areas that matter most to you.

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