Despite improvements in mitigating fraud, vulnerabilities persist for issuers, highlighting the need for a high-quality fraud prevention strategy. Visa is well placed to help with our unique AI based machine learning solutions to help fight fraud, reduce false positives and improve customer experience.

The Fraud Landscape

With 80% of disputes in payments due to fraud¹, use a sophisticated in-flight risk scoring for more targeted and better informed authorisation decisions.

¹VisaNet Data Europe, 2022

Key Risk to Issuers

Combat online fraud, including those related to cryptocurrencies, to safeguard your costs, revenue, and reputation, especially with 70% of all fraud incidents occurring online². 

²VisaNet Data Europe, 2022

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The Fraud Opportunity

Improve customer experiences, revenue growth and top-of-wallet while helping to reduce operational costs, fraud, and false positives.


We want to ensure our customers have the most secure way to pay and be paid – by everyone, everywhere.

Natalie Kelly, CRO Europe



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