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Reimagine your cross-border payments capabilities with Visa

With the volume and value of cross-border transactions growing year on year, customers are now expecting a fast, simple and flexible service when sending money around the world. Visa’s technology removes barriers, brings transparency and transcends borders. Empowering you to achieve more.
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Get you there faster

Global reach and modular approach can make it easier for you to get your products in the hands of your customers quickly and help them send and spend money in 180+ territories. 

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Trust, embedded in every transaction

Provide the enterprise-level security necessary for your expansion in the global market and assist you in managing the challenges of compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Empowering you to achieve more

Driven to serve you, your customers, providing you with tailored solutions so you can have the scalable, borderless business that you’ve always wanted.

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Innovations to help you go global

Cloud-native platform puts the power of global money movement in your hands - making it easy for your customers to collect, hold, convert, send and spend money in multiple currencies.

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Reimagine your cross-border payments with Visa

The next generation of customer want the same frictionless, digital experience moving their money as they experience ordering their pizza.

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Reimagine Global Payments

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P27 Withdrawal: New Opportunities for Nordic Banks

Transforming your business performance with Visa

From uplifts in authorization rates to increases in revenue, payments data analytics can offer greater insight, while creating opportunities in the areas that matter most to you. Being a world leader in digital payments, Visa´s solutions can help you unlock value through the power of Payments Data Analytics across a wide range of business needs.
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Improve operational efficiency

Gain visibility into your portfolio performance across channels, regions, payment types, and more to streamline operations.

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Better manage risk

Reduce transaction declines and lower fraud rates with deeper insights into decline reasons, fraud patterns, and performance vs peers.

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Increase Cardholder Engagement

Better understand cardholder behaviour and uncover new trends to deliver personalized experiences to become top-of-wallet.

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Turn cardholder data into an asset with Visa Payments Data Analytics

From uplifts in authorization rates to increase in revenue, payments data analytics can offer insight, while creating opportunities in the areas that matter most to you.

Unlock Cardholder Data Value

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Leverage Visa's capabilities to tackle fraud, together

Despite improvements in mitigating fraud, vulnerabilities persist for issuers, highlighting the need for a high-quality fraud prevention strategy. Visa is best placed to help with our unique AI based machine learning solutions to fight fraud, reduce false positives and improve customer experience.
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The Fraud Landscape

With 80% of disputes due to fraud¹, use a sophisticated in-flight risk scoring for more targeted and better informed authorisation decisions.

¹VisaNet Data Europe, 2022

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Key Risk to Issuers

Combat online fraud, including crypto,and protect your  costs, revenue, and reputation associated with 70% of all fraud occurring online².

²VisaNet Data Europe, 2022

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The Fraud Opportunity

Improve customer experiences, revenue growth and top-of-wallet while reducing operational costs, fraud, and false positives.

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Visa fraud insights for issuers

Stay informed on industry fraud trends and  explore our expert thought leadership and best practices guides covering new fraud trends, including crypto to help support you to optimise your fraud prevention strategy.

European Fraud Landscape

Evolving Payments Landscape

Crypto best practice guide

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