Paying with Visa: How retailers and consumers benefit

Paying for juice by card

At Visa, we are proud of the role we have played for over 60 years in giving UK businesses access to some of the most secure and innovative payments solutions available anywhere in the world, providing them with the ability to reach billions of potential customers both in their local communities and across the globe. 

For consumers, paying with Visa offers convenience, security and fraud protection, plus the ability to get your money back when something goes wrong. We’re committed to helping consumers and merchants trade effectively and securely and enabling individuals, business and economies to thrive.

We believe that accepting Visa payments offers businesses the opportunity to improve the experience they give to their customers and can often lead to increased sales. This is especially true for small businesses who are adapting to changes in how consumers shop, which is why we work closely with our clients and partners in communities across the UK to help small businesses enhance their digital capabilities and meet consumer needs. 

Visa strives to drive the payments industry forward. We invest in innovation to develop faster and safer ways to pay – whether that’s creating new mobile acceptance solutions that have the potential to bring down the cost of acceptance for small merchants, finding ways to ensure cardholder authentication in near real-time or working to protect merchants and consumers against fraud.

Accepting any form of payment – be it cash, cards or other payment forms – comes with a cost. Ultimately, we believe the benefits and value of digital payments significantly outweigh the costs. We know businesses want a partner they know, trust and can rely on. Visa typically earns between just 1-2p from a £30 sale depending on the type of card used and in return, we deliver a trusted network, a seamless and near-instant payment experience and protection for consumers and retailers alike. 

Here is what happens when consumers pay with Visa.




What happens when you pay with Visa infographic

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