Paying with Visa: How retailers and consumers benefit

Paying for juice by card

At Visa, we are proud of the role we have played for over 60 years in giving UK businesses access to one of the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective payments solutions in the world, providing them with the ability to reach billions of potential customers both in their local communities and across the globe.

For consumers, paying with Visa offers convenience, security, and fraud protection, plus the ability to get your money back when something goes wrong. 

For businesses, Visa’s innovative payment solutions help to unlock new opportunities to grow their business, increase sales and improve the experience they give to their customers. 

This is especially true for businesses who are adapting to changes in how consumers shop, which is why we work closely with our clients and partners in communities across the UK to help businesses enhance their digital capabilities and keep pace with ever-changing consumer needs.

Visa provides businesses with reliability, scale security and we invest in innovation to continually develop faster and safer ways to pay – whether that’s creating new mobile acceptance solutions that have the potential to bring down the cost of acceptance for small merchants, finding ways to ensure cardholder authentication in near real-time or working to protect merchants and consumers against fraud.

Whether you pay by cash, card, or digital wallet or crypto, there is always an associated cost, that you may not be aware of. Accepting any form of payment – whether it’s cash, cards or alternative forms – comes with costs but we strongly believe the benefits and value of digital payments significantly outweigh these. 

Businesses want a partner they know and trust and with Visa they can transact securely with billions of Visa cards across the world and know that they will get paid because we stand behind every Visa transaction.

Our fees – typically just 1p from a domestic £20 sale with a debit card– enable us to deliver the seamless payment experience buyers and sellers expect, ensuring goods and services can be bought and sold securely, in the blink of an eye. We then invest in new technologies so that we can continue to offer scale and security for consumers and businesses.







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