Pay the familiar way, wherever you are

No matter how exotic or remote the place you're travelling to, the chances are you'll find Visa already there to welcome you.

Tales of a modern traveller

Ben Fogle shares his travel tales and tips.

Papua New Guinea

Ben had the opportunity to visit Papua New Guinea. Here, he sampled the traditional dish, Mumu and was able to pay with his card.

Latin America

Whist trekking through Guyana, Ben explains how all of his notes rotted in his rucksack though luckily, his card was still intact.

Maasai Village Market

Ben explains how he was able to use his card to purchase hand kntted toys at the Maasai village market in rural Kenya.

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Tips for paying abroad

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Keep it local

If using your card to make a payment or withdraw cash locally, you might be asked if you’d prefer to pay in the local or your home currency. Selecting the local option will usually give you the most competitive rates and avoid hidden fees.

Get the best rates

Using your Visa card abroad is generally better value than buying currency at the airport Bureau de change

Why pay the familiar way?


Paying with Visa abroad uses the same high-tech anti-fraud systems as at home so you can be confident of paying securely, wherever you are.


No need to worry about carrying large amounts of foreign currency, taking your Visa card means lighter pockets and simple, hassle-free payments.

Welcomed worldwide

Pay easily and conveniently with Visa, across 200 countries and over 35 million outlets worldwide.

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Fees may apply for card use abroad.