Visa Direct, helping transform global money movement

Empower end users, businesses and clients to move money globally


We offer worldwide reach to billions of endpoints, with real-time¹ cross-border² and domestic payment solutions.


We are a single point of access connecting to card and network endpoints.


We build for the future based on over 60 years of industry expertise.


We facilitate the movement of fast and secure payments across the world.

Today, 500+ partners are supporting Visa Direct solutions

Grow revenue by enhancing domestic and cross-border money movement with real-time¹ capabilities.

One of the world’s largest digital payment networks connecting the planet non-stop

5.9 B

Global transactions processed in 2022³

2000 +

Live client programmes enabled around the world³

190 +

Markets reached through a network of 16 card, 66 Automated Clearing House (ACH) and 11 Real-Time Payment (RTP) schemes³

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