• Tap and Pay the safe and easy way up to £45 with Visa contactless

Visa contactless

Everywhere you are

Make contactless payments with a variety of devices – whether it’s a wearable smart watch, wristband, fob or sticker. Pay effortlessly with all using the power of Visa contactless.

Visa with Apple Pay

You can use your Visa card to make purchases using your Apple Watch, iPad or iPhone (6 or later)2.

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Visa with Google PayTM

Google Pay is now the name for all the Google payment products including Android Pay. Google Pay allows you to pay with your Visa card from participating issuers, using popular devices, whether you’re making in-store, in-app or in-app purchases.

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Visa with Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a simple and secure way to make mobile payments, accepted almost everywhere† you can tap a contactless bankcard.

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