Tap and pay the secure way, up to £100 with Visa contactless

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How to tap to pay with Visa (contactless payments)

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How do I use my contactless card?

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Look for the contactless symbol when paying for any items up to the value of £100.

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Touch your contactless card against the symbol and hold until the lights turn green.

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An audio beep indicates successful payment, although for extra security, you may occasionally be asked to enter your PIN.

Different ways to use contactless

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On your card

With shops and stores across the UK accepting contactless payments up to £100, tap and pay is the safest way to make your daily purchases.

The £100 limit may not be available across all retailers immediately. To check if a retailer has updated to the new limit, ask in store or follow the prompts on the card payment machine when paying.

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On your mobile

You can add your Visa card to your mobile device, then tap and pay with any NFC-enabled smartphone. With mobile contactless payments, you can even make purchases over £100 where approved by the retailer and your bank.

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Wearable technology

Whichever contactless enabled wearable device you prefer, you can make contactless payments with confidence in Visa’s secure payment technology, using your smart watch, wristband, fob or sticker.

Pay with contactless on your mobile

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Frequently asked questions

How you pay matters: Secure and protected with Visa

Whether you’re paying by card, mobile device or digital wallet, when you pay with Visa, you can pay with confidence. You have the peace of mind that your payment is secure and you have protection if something goes wrong.