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  • Better journeys, every day for everyone: How Visa is improving mobility

    April 15,2019 09:48 AM GMT

    During the course of the last year, Visa made the bold decision to take our years of experience working with transit operators from around the world and created a framework to formalise and invest in the service. The program helps transit operators and integrators of any size add contactless payment acceptance across their transit network so that all people have to do is turn up and ride.

    What an amazing year we’ve had! Visa has helped launch contactless transit in 20 cities across 12 countries…

  • The Future of Mobility: A View from the 2019 UITP Global Public Transport Summit

    July 02,2019 14:51 PM GMT

    When will mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) evolve from being an aspiration to a reality for many cities? Is micro-mobility the cost-effective solution to a very real transportation gap: the first and last mile problem? As we move to a seamless mobility ecosystem with multiple modes of transportation in a single journey, who is ultimately accountable for the passenger and ‘owns’ their experience?

    These were just a few of the intriguing questions that were explored at the 2019 UITP Global Public Transport…

  • Visa Keynoting the Transport Ticketing Conference

    April 15,2019 09:52 AM GMT


    Transport Ticketing Global, now in its 11th year, has become the world’s largest public transport ticketing conferences and one that Visa is proud to sponsor.

    Over the course of the two day event in London, representatives from cities around the world and leaders in the fields of transport ticketing and payments will gather to share their experiences and hear from industry experts. Transportation plays a critical role in the vitality and viability of a city and these discussions will help…

  • Contactless transit in Central Eastern Europe: The future is happening now

    April 15,2019 09:08 AM GMT


    The recent launch of a cutting-edge transit fare collection system in the south-western city of Wrocław demonstrates that the momentum of contactless adoption for public transport ticketing throughout the CEE region is gathering pace…

    A vibrant urban centre with over 600,000 residents1 – and already a pioneer (since 2010) in deploying cashless payment methods in mass transit – Wrocław moved in March 2018 to open-loop contactless EMV ticketing solution modelled on Transport for London, where…

  • Examining the Big Picture: Visa, Mobility and the Cities of Tomorrow

    April 15,2019 10:02 AM GMT

    Snapshot: According to a 2018 UN Population Prospects report, there are more than 7.6 billion people living on the planet1, and that number is set to rise, with expectations that the population will reach nearly reaching 10 billion by 20502. While populations are roughly split between rural areas and cities (45% / 55%, respectively)3, there is a new migration happening. By 2050, the UN has predicted that 68% of the world’s inhabitants will be living in cities.4

    Why does this matter? From a purely…

  • Innovation in transport can help our High Streets

    July 03,2019 16:03 PM GMT

    As more of us turn to online shopping, much has been asked about the future of our town centres. Recent research from YouGov (2019) shows there is still a huge opportunity for UK High Streets as 73% of British consumers like going into stores because of the immediacy of getting a product.[1]In short, the High Street remains a vital and desired part of our communities.

    However, there are many factors that can negatively impact the shopping experience before consumers even reach the High Street.…