Working with FinTechs to build a fairer future

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Consumer needs and expectations are often the driving force behind innovation. From the simplicity of products and services we use in our day to day lives, to the positive social impact made by the companies that create them – consumer demand is powering the future of business. Fintechs are well known for homing in on specific audiences and providing products and services that meet their needs.

When it comes to managing and moving our money, research shows that cardholders want fast, secure and innovative solutions, with 50% of us now banking through mobile or websites at least once a week1. And, we’re increasingly valuing those businesses that put social purpose and inclusion at the heart of everything they do.

At Visa, we’re proud to have established purposeful partnerships that combine ambitious new ideas with the scale of our network. Learn how we’re working with partners across the industry to drive greater access to financial services, helping individuals, business and economies to thrive.

Working with GoHenry to educate the next generation

GoHenry is on a mission to “make every kid smart with money”. To support this goal, we helped them deliver a prepaid Visa card and financial education app, giving young people a safe and controlled way to learn about spending and managing their money in the way they will as adults.

Through the app, children aged between six and 18 can learn how to budget, and parents can help guide their progress with real-time updates, customisable controls and more. It’s a great example of how FinTechs create innovative solutions that meet specific customer needs. In fact, GoHenry was named as one of the best debit cards “for kids to spend safely.”

More recently, Visa, a worldwide sponsor of the Olympic Games, helped GoHenry create an exciting new campaign with Team GB and Team Visa skateboarder Sky Brown. Having just been awarded her first Olympic medal at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 at age 13, Sky is working with Visa and GoHenry to inspire independence in young people and help them learn how to manage their money.

Joining forces with ecolytiq to drive sustainability

ecolytiq is born out of a simple idea – that every transaction has an impact. Part of the Visa Fintech Partner Connect programme, they provide technology for banks and financial institutions to support sustainable spending.

By working with Visa, ecolytiq can support more banks in enhancing their sustainable banking strategies, helping them leverage payment data to calculate individual carbon footprints in real-time. For the consumer, they’re able to analyse their payments, understand the environmental impact of each transaction, and get tips on how to adapt their spending behaviour.

FinTech companies play a crucial role in driving the solutions that will help build a more sustainable economy for future generations. That’s why we’re proud to be working with ecolytiq to continue our commitment to environmental sustainability.

At Visa we believe that economies that include everyone, everywhere uplift everyone, everywhere. We look forward to continuing to evolve our partnerships and working together to help build a fairer future for all. 


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1Making digital banking more human, Accenture Global Banking Consumer Study, 2020

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