4 online services which bring the outside in

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Online shopping has changed considerably over the last few years. You can access everything from farm grown vegetables, to houseplants and popular culture – all from the comfort of your living room. Your desktop, phone or tablet acts as a virtual shop window to independent traders and businesses all around the globe.

At the moment we are seeing online shopping take on a bigger role in all of our lives, helping us access necessities without leaving our homes. But beyond buying groceries, online shopping is also allowing people around the world to play their part in supporting local businesses, or to send help to friends in far places. So from flowers to ‘fakeaways’, here are some services to get your browsing started:

  1. Bringing the outside inside: According to the Royal Horticultural Society [1], houseplants are proven to have positive effects on wellbeing, including improving mood, reducing stress and increasing productivity. With many garden centres offering online delivery services as well as subscriptions for regular flower and plant deliveries available, you can easily add some greenery to your home.

  2. Fit and healthy bodies and minds: Even with the closure of gyms and sports clubs, there are different options out there to help you get your exercise in. Lots of gyms are offering online subscriptions to both live and pre-recorded fitness classes. If you struggle with motivation, you can have one-to-one personal training online to keep your fitness routine honest. Similarly, online meditation and mindful classes, alongside talking therapies are available to keep your mind healthy too.

  3. Keeping the kids entertained: If you are in need of inspiration for family activities, many museums and theatre companies are now offering online digital performances and virtual tours. There are also subscription services which provide daily activity ideas and learning tools, including puzzles and games.

  4. DIY takeaway: Many restaurants are setting up their own adapted takeaway and delivery offerings during this time. Subscription services also allow you to satisfy takeaway cravings with ‘fakeaway’ kits. These include all the ingredients you need in one box alongside cooking instructions and are delivered direct to your front door.

Online shopping has created a platform for businesses that previously only had physical shopfronts and consequently, expanded our online shopping experience to include keeping active with exercise, accessing culture and entertainment, or providing household necessities.

When shopping online always check that the website offers a safe and secure shopping and payment experience. Tips for safe online shopping can be found here.


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