Welcome contactless on Milan Metro

By Roberto Carreri, Head of Product & Research, ATM

Milan is one of the world’s great cities, renowned for its fashion, design, the opera at La Scala, and being the driving force behind Italy’s economy. It strives for being one of the best places to live and work, and as such relies on its public transport company, to connect people with their friends, their family, their workplace in a safe and fast way.

In 2015 Milan was the host city of EXPO: more than 20 million visitors and 5,000 events in six months. Key support to this unparalleled event was our metro system, managed and run by ATM. Our four lines serve 113 stations, carrying about 2,5 million people every day, one train every 90 seconds. At ATM we are proud of the role we play in keeping our city moving, opening it up for everyone who visits from Italy and the world.

Given the success of contactless transit payments in London, where people no longer need to queue to buy a ticket, and with contactless becoming the preferred payment method in Italy, in 2017 we decided to enable this technology on our Metro service.

ATM is always at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, a pathfinder in Italy and among few examples worldwide, as we believe innovation is the growth driver for both our company and the city of Milan.

To ensure we could provide travel of the highest quality, we wanted to work with the best companies. The support we have received throughout the process from our partner Visa, with their teams both in Italy and London willing to share their experience developed with over 100 cities, has been fundamental to our success. Through our collaboration, we have achieved a world-class system, meaning whether you live or work in Milan, or are visiting our wonderful city for pleasure, from today you can use contactless payment to travel.

You will now be able to travel without the need to know in advance which ticket is needed and with the possibility to always use the best travel fare thanks to an advanced calculation system that is able to automatically choose the most convenient amount according to the number and type of journeys carried out within 24 hours from the first tap in. A real contribution to the digital transformation process of our smart city.

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