Visa Direct lands at Dublin Tech Summit

By Philip Konopik, Country Manager, Ireland

The tagline for this year’s Dublin Tech Summit was ‘Where today’s leaders meet tomorrow’s technology’, which turned out to be spot on. The gathering gave our local experts a great opportunity to explain how Visa is opening up its network to more partners than ever before, be they banks, retailers, fintechs or anybody else who wishes to make or receive digital payments.

Dublin Tech Summit – which is now in its second year – also provided a forum for us to announce the Irish rollout of one of our latest payments innovations: Visa Direct.

Visa Direct is a real-time payments platform which enables person-to-person (P2P), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) payments. Using Visa Direct, funds can be transferred into the recipient’s Visa account quickly, conveniently, and securely – providing instant access to funds.

Across Europe we are working with our partners to roll out services for businesses and consumers using Visa Direct, however Ireland is set to be one of the first majority-enabled Visa Direct markets in the region, with over 80 per cent of cards enabled for the service, and services expected to go live as soon as June.

While Visa Direct is an exciting new product for Ireland, it also speaks to our broader goal of bringing cutting-edge payments technology to consumers and businesses. Visa Direct is just one of the many API based network capabilities available on the Visa Developer Platform.

Launched in 2016, Visa Developer is an open platform designed to help financial institutions, merchants, and technology companies meet the demands of their customers and clients who increasingly rely on connected devices to shop, pay, and get paid.

At Visa we’re focused on collaboration. By giving our partners direct access to Visa Developer Platform, we are enabling them to harness a growing number of APIs, tools and support – be it geolocation, real-time alerts or tokenization – to build easier, faster and more secure ways to power commerce, create new applications and accelerate innovation.

Our approach to innovation is anchored in a belief that paying by Visa in the digital world should be just as simple – if not even simpler – than the physical world, and that payments can be securely embedded into anything, from a watch, to a ring, an appliance or a car – as the point-of-sale moves to wherever the consumer wants it to be.

Our presence at Dublin Tech Summit allowed us to engage with existing partners and also establish new contacts. We believe that it will be by making these connections and working with our current clients as well as emerging fintechs and start-ups, that Visa will continue to deliver its vision of being the best way to pay and be paid for everyone, everywhere.

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