Say ‘Bonjour’ to contactless payments in Dijon’s trams

By Gérard Nébouy, Reg. MD, France, Belgium, Lux.

In late 2017 Visa launched the Global Transit Solutions program, promising to accelerate the adoption of contactless payments on transit systems worldwide, improving the customer experience of travel and making travelling to and through cities around the globe easier.

Whether you live and work in a city, or are just visiting for business or a holiday, getting around on public transportation can often mean long queues to obtain a ticket from a machine, not having the right change or simply not knowing how to pay. This situation can be even more complicated if you are in an unfamiliar city.

Thanks to Visa contactless payments now being accepted for travel on trams across the whole of Dijon, these worries are over for anyone living or visiting the city.

This innovation is a first in France, and was delivered by all partners working together, Visa with Dijon Métropole, Keolis, Caisse d'Epargne Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Worldline and Natixis Payment Solutions – all focused on making life better for everyone, every day in Dijon.

As the biggest city in the Franche-Comté region, Dijon has taken the lead in investing in innovative programs, all focused on its aim of being a model of sustainable development at the service of its citizens.

According to François Rebsamen, President of Dijon Métropole "Being a city today means being more efficient in terms of public services, with more consistency throughout the territory. This is not a hegemonic role but a federating one, focused on major innovative projects for Dijon residents, as well as for people living elsewhere in the department and region."

Dijon joins the a growing number of cities worldwide who, by working with Visa, and investing in digital payments that make it easier to use and access the public transportation system, make travel so much easier and more convenient for all.

At Visa, we are committed to providing consumers with innovative, reliable and secure payments everywhere, for everyone. During the coming years France will welcome the world as the host of major events. Whether choosing to stay in one city, or to travel across the country, Visa want to ensure that visitors and residents alike have the best travel payment experience possible and to ensure paying for travel is as simple as contactless payments have made buying a coffee.

Visa is in a unique position to use its wealth of knowledge and experience in the transit space to facilitate the expansion of contactless mass transit payments across France, working with all those cities who want to offer the best customer experience, by eliminating queues, removing worry and replacing it with one simple proposition. From global capitals such as Paris and London through to cities like Dijon and Bordeaux contactless payments in transit are a perfect solution to today’s customer expectations of high quality friction free travel.

Dijon has led the way. Visa and our partners across cities in France want to allow everyone to benefit from the same simple contactless transit fares, and believe by working together we can make everyone’s journey better.

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