Easing the way: Visa launches a new benefit to European cardholders

By Mike Lemberger, Senior VP, Head of EU Products

If you’re like me the New Year means one thing: browsing travel sites to book this year’s trips. Whether it’s work or pleasure, people everywhere are thinking about their travel plans for the year ahead. A staggering number of us travel through airports each year, in 2016 over 2 billion people passed through Europe’s airports1. But travelling by air isn’t what it used to be. The so-called ‘Golden Days’ of airport travel with gourmet meals, endless leg room and relatively relaxed security are long gone. Travelling through airports today is something we all have to plan for – preparing both our passports and our patience! But it doesn’t need to be this way. At Visa, we know our cardholders travel regularly so why not use technology to inject some luxury back into travelling?

This week we launched a new ‘Airport Companion’ programme in partnership with DragonPass, one of the fastest growing providers of travel benefits and services globally. The ‘Airport Companion’ programme is available to Visa cardholders in Europe, providing them with a one-stop shop of exclusive benefits to add some enjoyment back into their travel experience. Eligible cardholders will have access to more than 1,000 airport lounges worldwide as well as exclusive airport restaurant discounts, and some also have the option to add other premium features such as transportation, spa, fast track and digital coupons for free meals or beverages. The services will be offered to consumers through participating financial institutions who issue Visa accounts in Europe.

Airport Companion is powered by the Visa Developer Platform using Visa APIs (Application Programming Interface) to enable seamless account verification and programme eligibility, making it easier for banks to integrate the service into their own apps and tailor services to their specific customer base and commercial interests. A simplified digital on-boarding process enables financial institutions to deploy Airport Companion quickly and effectively. DragonPass also provides our clients with the opportunity to run bespoke segmented campaigns to optimise the service – driving acquisition, retention and increased customer value. For consumers the experience is also end-to-end digital enabling cardholders to manage their membership through their Airport Companion app – including access to digital coupons and QR codes so there is no need to remember your lounge pass!

At Visa we are constantly looking for new ways to add value for Visa cardholders, whilst simultaneously supporting the commercial interests of our clients. Visa’s partnership with DragonPass is just one example of how we are working with partners to improve the travel experience for consumers with lots more to come, if you are a client and would like more information please contact your Visa Account Executive.


Tag: Digital commerce