Visa Checkout gives your customers the recognition and familiarity of their bank's brand in the online payment environment.
Consumers can simply and easily select the cards they prefer to use in the physical world also in the online world.

What is Visa Checkout?

Visa Checkout makes paying online easy and more convenient for your customers

  • Faster checkout using only a username and password or fingerprint (in-app)
  • Checkout process in as few as 3-clicks
  • Signing up is simple and secure
  • Works across smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops
  • Works with all major debit and credit cards.

Why Visa Checkout

Increases your payment volume

Visa Checkout enables you to offer your cardholders a simple and secure way to shop and buy immediately, facilitating more ecommerce spending.

82% of enrolled Visa Checkout customers completed transactions from the shopping cart in 2017.1

In 2015, there were 48% more transactions with Visa Checkout buyers across all e-commerce sites regardless of checkout option used.2

Reducing the number of form fields during checkout can help eliminate a key reason for abandonment. An estimated 27% of shoppers feel the checkout process is too long and complicated.3 Visa Checkout enrolled users can checkout with as few as 2 form fields.

Visa Checkout customers make 30% more transactions per person compared to other customers.

1 Based on internal Visa product data derived from over 21+ million Visa Checkout accounts in 26 markets across desktop, tablet, and mobile web (native mobile app/SDK data not included) measuring purchases from over 300,000+ Visa Checkout merchants around the world for a six month period from Dec 2016-May 2017.

2 Source: comScore 2015 Visa Checkout study, commissioned by Visa. Based on data derived from the comScore research panel of one million U.S. PC/laptop users measuring panelists’ purchases across all e-commerce domains comparing transactions among Visa Checkout buyers versus all buyers, June-Dec. 2015.

3 Source: Baymard Institute, E-Commerce Usability: Checkout, Sept. 2016.

Recognising the increasing shift to digital commerce, BB&T found Visa Checkout to be the solution that can deliver results. Read the BB&T case study on how after implementation, BB&T was able to drive incremental volume returning 117% year-over-year increase in Visa Checkout clients.

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Leads with your brand

Visa Checkout promotes the issuers' brand in the digital payments space, enhancing impression of issuers as innovation leaders.

Visa Checkout is the only online payment solution that leads with your brand. Showcasing the cardholders' card art right on the Visa Checkout button increases shoppers' trust and drives higher conversion while strengthening issuer brand association with the payment experience.

Protects your cardholders

Visa Checkout evaluates risk at every event and creates a secure foundation for a seamless shopping experience.

Visa Checkout uses multiple layers of security, including fraud monitoring systems to help keep payment information safe.

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Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Visa Checkout provides an effortless and trustworthy experience for cardholders, according to a survey.

95% said sign up was easy.

96% felt secure.

9/10 planned to continue using the service.

Source: Millward Brown Visa Checkout Customer Experience, March 2015, commissioned by Visa.

Based on data from an online survey of 1,241 US consumers.