Twitter policy

The @VisaGoldenSpace Twitter account is managed by Visa Europe who is responsible for all content published to the Twitter page. The account is set up for the purpose of:

  • Consumer content and competitions from Visa
  • Visa sponsorships

If you follow us you can expect about 10-15 tweets a week as well as retweets and replies. The content that we publish will talk about the following topics:

  • Competitions
  • Retailer partners
  • Partner content, including videos and blog posts
  • Visa payments

Follow Us
If you follow us on Twitter we will not automatically follow you back. If we do follow you back we are not in any way associating ourselves with you or your brand or endorsing any content published via your handle.

Visa Europe will update the account during the hours of 06.00 to 23.59, Monday to Sunday. Visa Europe accepts no responsibility for any technical difficulties experienced due to Twitter.

@Replies and Direction messages
We welcome feedback from our followers and we do read all the comments that we receive. We will reply to all comments and join in the conversation where possible. We cannot, however, respond individually to all messages we receive.

We cannot deal with any customer complaints via this twitter handle. If you have any issues please contact us by phone or email.