• Visa Merchant Business
    News Digest

    May 2019

Visa Merchant Business News Digest

The Visa Merchant Business News Digest is an online publication, providing a summary of recent Visa Business News articles. We know how important it is for you to have the pertinent information quickly and clearly, and our mission is to make that as simple as possible. The digest provides highlights of key merchant-related publications, but is not intended to be a complete list. As always, please work with your acquirer for further information on released publications and applicable announcements. As well, Visa Core Rules and Product and Service Rules are available on online and updated twice a year.

Table 1: Floor limits for Certain Countries in the Europe Region



Current Magnetic Stripe and Contact Chip Floor limit

Current Contactless Chip Floor Limit

New Floor Limit for All Entry Modes

Table 2: Exceptions to Zero Floor Limits for Countries Listed in Table 1


Terminal Type


Contact Chip

Contactless Chip