Visa Instalments Solution (VIS) APIs

A card-based instalments solution sitting on top of Visa's payment technology to add even more value to both merchants and their customers.
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Card issuer pre-approves the credit, with no need for a new application

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Works with existing debit and credit cards – no new account required⁶

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Single integration with Visa - no additional work as participation expands

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Seamless integration into your checkout environment

Instalments trends and opportunities

Changing consumer behaviour and digitalisation have increased demand for instalment payments. Merchants will need to adapt to address customer needs.

$ 184 bn

forecasted value of the European instalments market in 2023, a YoY growth of 20.5%¹


Between Q1 2020 - Q1 2023, BNPL usage in the UK has grown from 23% to 40% of all consumers²


Nearly 1/4 of all global ecommerce transactions are expected to be BNPL payments by 2026³

How VIS works

Offering instalment payments at the checkout, when it is most relevant to the customer, is simple with VIS. Here is how it works:

Merchant Benefits

There are many benefits for merchants and businesses who accept instalments. Whether it's in-store or online, you can now offer your customers frictionless, personalised instalments plans backed by established issuers and provided by Visa - a brand they already know and trust.


of surveyed merchants reported increased overall sales due to instalments being offered at checkout⁴


of UK instalments users surveyed, said they spent more frequently⁵


of surveyed merchants reported higher value transactions per customer because instalments was available⁴

Visa Instalments Solution Partners

Frictionless instalment payment options through VIS are supported by:

Start accepting instalments with Visa

To learn more about accepting instalment payments with Visa, get in touch with your acquirer or payment enabler to find out more.

Other ways to accept Visa payments

Visa Instalments Solution is just the start. Discover the other ways your business can start accepting Visa.
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Visa Instalment Credential (VIC)

VIC is a virtual card-based solution that automatically splits eligible transactions into instalments, and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

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Click to Pay

Visa Click to Pay makes shopping online consistent, easy and secure for your customers.

Contactless payment

Contactless Payments

Visa Contactless payment technology lets users pay with just a wave of their card or device.

Frequently Asked Questions

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⁵Buy Now Pay Later Improves Sales for Two Thirds of UK Retailers, 2022;
⁶*Availability of specific instalment program products and features may vary by market and is subject to change. Issuer is solely responsible for its own instalment program.