Visa Business

Giving you better control of your business finances

Visa Business debit and Visa Business credit cards both offer a convenient and secure way to keep control of your businesses finances.

Using Visa Business cards to pay for all your business expenses can help to simplify your paperwork and financial management process enabling quick and easy reconciliation and the feeling of complete control. Not only does it replace the hard work of multiple manual processes with an online record of expenditure, it also gives you more convenience and security than that of cash and cheques. Benefits include:

  • Providing an easy way to keep track of your business finances. Every payment is debited directly from your Business Current or Business Credit Account, so when you access your account online you know instantly where your business stands helping you make the right financial decisions.
  • Keeping a clear picture of your business expenses. Clear itemisation of each transaction enables quick and easy reconciliation of your spending, which saves the time and money you'd otherwise spent on bookkeeping.
  • Making tax returns very much easier with streamlined reporting. A single record of spending means less time lost recovering and organising manual paperwork and lost receipts.
  • Keeping your business and personal expenses separate. Simplify your expenses with a clear separation of business spend by using your Visa Business card for all your business expenditure.
  • Allowing you to improve your business cash flow with interest free credit on payments for up to 56 days. This advantage of Visa Business Credit cards can be an invaluable way of managing your cash flow whilst still making necessary payments.

They give you peace of mind given the security and protection with all Visa payments whilst providing the flexibility to make business purchases in a way most convenient to you – in person, by internet, mail and over the phone.

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