Receiving payments

V PAY is the European debit card.

It’s used every day, at home and abroad, by millions of European consumers.

V PAY helps you serve more customers and secure more sales.

It’s easy and cost-effective to accept V PAY

You can accept V PAY using your existing chip card terminals straight away – with no need for any technical changes.

V PAY can also be used for contactless and self-service payments. And, because it’s a debit card, V PAY is very cost-effective.

Highly secure

Importantly, V PAY is a chip-only card.

This means V PAY is highly secure, so the risk of fraud or disputed transactions is all but eliminated.

Serve more customers. Close more sales

Millions of European consumers have a V PAY card.

By accepting V PAY, and prominently displaying V PAY decals, you can welcome them at your business.

Because V PAY customers are not limited to the cash in their wallets, V PAY can lead to fewer lost sales and larger purchases. With V PAY, you can offer a quick, easy-to-use, highly secure payment experience.

If you don’t already accept V PAY, contact your acquiring bank or service provider.