Making payments

V PAY is a debit card created by Visa Europe, specifically to meet the needs of European consumers.

  • V PAY is issued by your bank and enables you to make payments directly from your bank account – so it’s ideal for your everyday spending.
  • V PAY uses the latest security technology – so you’re well protected against loss, theft or fraud
  • You can use V PAY to pay or withdraw cash across Europe – anywhere you see the V PAY sign.

Ideal for everyday spending

V PAY is welcomed across Europe, in shops, supermarkets, cafes and bars – and retailers will happily accept V PAY for even the smallest of purchases.

You can also use V PAY for self-service transactions – like ticket machines at train stations, self-checkout aisles at grocery shops, and pay-at-pump petrol stations.

The latest security technology

Whenever you use V PAY at shops or ATMs, every transaction is protected by chip technology – so the risk of loss, theft and fraud is reduced.

Anywhere in Europe

V PAY cards can be used in shops and ATMs across Europe.

Your bank may also allow you to use V PAY on the internet or to access money outside of Europe – just check with them to see if these options are available.

If you’re interested in getting your own V PAY card, ask your bank.