Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa gives you extra protection and peace of mind when you’re shopping online.

Once you've signed up, you'll be protected whenever you make an online payment with your Visa card at any one of more than 300,000 web sites across Europe.

  • First you'll see a personal message – a message that you provided when you signed up for Verified by Visa and that only you and your bank know about. This shows that the security screen you're seeing is genuine.
  • Then you'll be asked to enter your Verified by Visa password.

Depending on your bank, the Verified by Visa security screen will look similar to this:

Vbv Example

Verified by Visa not only protects your card against unauthorised use, it also means you can have confidence that the online retailer you're buying from has made your security a priority.

Verified by Visa is provided by Visa, the world's most trusted electronic payment system.

Frequently asked questions about Verified by Visa

How to use Verified by Visa