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We harness world-class payments consulting and analytic capabilities to drive tangible value for Visa clients.
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Thought Leadership

Discover business insights, best practices and proven data-driven marketing strategies that increase your return on investment.
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As payments evolve, industry leaders will face many questions. Why do consumers make the choices they do? What does this mean for the industry? We surveyed 2000+ consumers across the UK to see what drives payment preferences and deliver insight on the future direction of UK payments.
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Whilst it is still early days, the metaverse is here and could represent the most transformative opportunity as the latest internet revolution that changes how we socialise, shop, interact and engage. In this paper, VCA breaks down the opportunities, challenges, and considerations that banks and other firms face in the metaverse – and how to best prepare for success.
Online phone payment
BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) has grown at a rapid pace fueled by new entrants, innovation, and customer sentiment. For players in the payments ecosystem, understanding the rise in BNPL and having the right strategy to tackle it can have lasting benefits.
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Digital Series

Exploring how to differentiate loyalty programmes for digital customers by leveraging best-in class customer insights.


Addressing environmental changes requires all companies to make sustainability an integral part of how they run their businesses.
Digital Series
We share tools and best practice on how to enable consumers to manage their financial lives digitally by providing the right onboarding experience.
digital currency
Digital Series
Exploring the digital currency trends banks need to understand to respond to changing consumer behaviours.
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Digital Series
The rise in e-commerce continues to grow at a blistering place and players in the payments ecosystem have transformed their business models to offer subscriptions. This paper takes an in depth look at the subscription economy and details the benefits and challenges that come with the subscription boom.
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To get the most out of debit portfolios, banks should focus on profitability and efficiency, especially in this current macro-economic environment — but how exactly? Get the full report, that outlines 3 steps financial institutions should take to optimize their debit portfolio.

Case Studies

We take advantage of our global reach and subject matter expertise to integrate international best practices and help our clients stay at the forefront of the industry.

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