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New European plans threaten disruption and inconvenience for UK’s online shoppers

• Plans requiring additional checkout steps means more declined transactions and longer and more complicated checkout experiences • 52% of UK shoppers say increased online checkout steps will cause them to abandon purchases • Changes mean no more express checkouts or quick in-app payments from mobiles, reduced access to non-European online shopping sites, and longer queues

Wet weather hits the high street, but consumer spending maintains growth at end of Q1

Headline findings: • Consumer spending rises by +2.3% year-on-year • Strong increases in expenditure seen in Recreation & Culture (+5.6%) and Hotels, Restaurants & Bars (+5.3%), but spending at Clothing & Footwear retailers declines (-1.8%) • Growth led by higher e-commerce spending (+4.2%), as face-to-face expenditure falls slightly (-0.9%)

E-commerce grows strongly despite modest overall spending in November

Headline Findings • Modest increase in consumer spending in November (+1.1% on the year) • Expenditure continues to rise solidly in e-commerce (+4.1%), but declines on the high street (-1.5%) • Hotels, Restaurants & Bars, Recreation & Culture and Clothing & Footwear see strongest increases in spending during November

The UK ranks 2nd in readiness to embrace future shopping experience – Visa Europe’s Future of Retail research

Three major trends shaping the future of retail identified by the report are outlined below: 1. Customers want personalised shopping experiences across all touch points 2. There is growing demand for social shopping experiences 3. Mobile technology has the potential to bridge the gap between online and offline retail experiences

Solid increase in September consumer spending, driven by leisure and entertainment activities

Headline findings: • Consumer spending continues to rise at a steady rate of +1.8% year-on-year • Solid increases seen across a broad range of categories, with the Recreation & Culture and Clothing & Footwear sectors among the best performers • Strong growth for e-commerce of +5.8% year-on-year, though high street spending remains flat