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Visa Upgrades Verified by Visa Technology to Enhance Security and Simplify Online Payments

• Visa migrating to the next generation of the 3-D Secure platform, the technology platform originally developed by Visa and underpinning the Verified by Visa service • Upgrade will enhance the security and convenience of mobile online payments globally • Today, three times as many Europeans make online purchases using their mobile device compared to 2015

Samsung Pay Now Available to UK Visa Cardholders

• Service powered by Visa tokenisation to enable simple and secure mobile payments • 94% of UK 18-24 years olds already use their mobile device for banking and payment services

Visa Europe Expands Tokenisation Service to Support Cloud-based Payments and Much More

Visa Europe today announces the expansion of the Visa Europe Payment Tokenisation Service (VEPTS) to enable financial institutions and others to integrate tokenisation into services such as mobile payment apps, e-wallets, and card on file payment options.

The UK ranks 2nd in readiness to embrace future shopping experience – Visa Europe’s Future of Retail research

Three major trends shaping the future of retail identified by the report are outlined below: 1. Customers want personalised shopping experiences across all touch points 2. There is growing demand for social shopping experiences 3. Mobile technology has the potential to bridge the gap between online and offline retail experiences

Visa Europe’s Future of Retail research

Research by Stylus, shows the UK ranks 2nd in readiness to integrate new technology and meet demand from tomorrow’s shoppers across Europe. To derive the score, the research first looked at the key consumer trends that are re-shaping the retail sector, such as: • Omni-channel shopping • The growing significance of social media in the shopping cycle • The importance of mobile technology