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Consumers embrace £30 limit as higher value spend drives new contactless behaviour across the UK

• Contactless transactions over £20 grew at more than double the rate of those under £20 following the introduction of new £30 spend limit • Bars and pubs a prime driver of growth for contactless above £20, seeing 30% average weekly growth • Contactless payments now make up 10% of all face-to-face payments between £20 – £30

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1 billion Visa contactless purchases made in last year

1.1 billion contactless transactions made by Visa cardholders across Europe in the last 12 months More than €12.6 billion spent in total More than 130 million Visa contactless cards are now in circulation in Europe Visa’s contactless infrastructure is ready for the next generation of digital payments

Smart devices on track to replace cash and cards

Smart devices on track to replace cash and cards as UK mobile payments projected to hit over £1.2bn a week by 2020 -UK mobile payments predicted to grow three-fold in the next five years as shoppers embrace new options and spend more on mobile -One in four estimate spending more than £50 a week on mobile by 2020

Championing the ubiquity of contactless with new “Everyday Britons are paying with Visa Contactless” campaign

New campaign will begin running Monday, 2 February, and will demonstrate how Visa contactless is safe, swift and easy for everyone in the UK everyday