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Cash is a Ghost of Christmas Past

• More than £2bn spent on Visa cards during Black Friday • Online Visa spend in week leading up to Black Friday up 13% year-on-year with almost £1bn spent on Black Friday, alone • Contactless and mobile technology are driving new shopping habits in the run-up to Christmas

£1.3bn to be spent on the British high street as shoppers make last-minute dash for Christmas presents

-More than 37 million transactions will take place on Wednesday 23rd December, up 10% on 2014 -Shopping will peak in the lunch hour break between 1pm-2pm, with 3.2 million transactions set to take place -Across the whole day, more than £1 million will be spent on Visa cards every minute, rising to nearer £2 million every minute in the peak hour

E-commerce grows strongly despite modest overall spending in November

Headline Findings •Modest increase in consumer spending in November (+1.1% on the year) •Expenditure continues to rise solidly in e-commerce (+4.1%), but declines on the high street (-1.5%) •Hotels, Restaurants & Bars, Recreation & Culture and Clothing & Footwear see strongest increases in spending during November

Brits expected to spend £1.9 billion as Black Friday kicks off the first major weekend of Christmas shopping

Black Friday: o £721m forecast to be spent online on Visa cards, peaking between 18:00 and 19:00 (the commuter hour) – spend up 17% on 2014 and 61% on 2013 o £1.19bn forecast to be spent face to face on Visa cards, peaking between 13:00 and 14:00 – spend up only 4% on 2014 but 20% on 2013 Cyber Monday: o £629m to be spent online – spend up 17% on 2014 and 45% on 2013