See what Visa Business can do

Visa Business cards offer solutions that help businesses stay in control of finances. Here are some typical scenarios that demonstrate how Visa can benefit your business.

For business - Sarah

Name: Sarah
Business: Bakery Owner
Why Visa Business: Control

Scenario: On expanding the business into trade deliveries, Sarah’s financial management became much more complex. The delivery team need funds for petrol and subsistence and also to cover emergencies. Managing cash, paperwork and dealing with unexpected problems was a major distraction, and she never felt in complete financial control as the business grew.

Benefit: Giving a Visa Business Debit card to each driver eliminates the need for cash floats. With simple but strict rules, the time Sarah spends on administration is minimised. By using online banking to check each day’s balance, Sarah can see exactly how each card is being used, and get an exact financial position.

For business - Richard

Name: Richard
Business: Chartered Accountant
Why Visa Business: Control and convenience

Scenario: In Richard’s experience, financial management, and bookkeeping in particular, isn’t a strong point for many small businesses. Some of his clients spend significant amounts of money with him trying to sort out financial administration - money that would be better invested back into their businesses.

Benefit: Using Visa Business Debit provides an efficient approach to payments and a clear audit trail of the business account. This simplifies Richard’s accounting, and saves his clients time and money.

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