Visa Business cards

Visa Business cards make your business finances simpler, more controlled and more secure than using cash or cheques. You can use Visa Business Debit or Visa Business Credit, or a mix of both, and benefit from a simple online record that keeps you updated quickly and effortlessly.

Visa Business Debit

The key benefit of a Visa Business Debit card is that payments are taken directly from your Business Current Account, providing you a clear itemised record of expenses and giving you better control of your business finances. Visa Business Debit can be used for all business expenses, at home and abroad, in person, by phone, on the internet or by mail. It is safer than cash, more convenient than cheques and with ‘Verified by Visa’ you get additional security for online transactions.

Visa Business Debit now also provides contactless technology to make quick and convenient payments. You can use your Visa contactless card in thousands of stores across the UK to securely pay for items under £20 in just seconds. And, because it’s from Visa, it’s as secure as chip and PIN payments and 100 per cent protected against fraudulent activity. Tap and pay wherever you see the contactless indicator in popular food and retail stores as well as on public transport and in taxis.

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Visa Business Credit

Visa Business Credit gives you increased control of your cash flow. You can pay suppliers promptly whilst taking advantage of up to 56 days’ interest free credit. You can buy now and pay at the end of the month or you can spread larger costs over multiple months. Plus, if you've purchased faulty or damaged goods, or a supplier has gone out of business, then your Visa Business Credit card purchases will be protected.

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