How it works

Once you have received your card reader, just download the payment app to your smartphone or tablet.

Enter the amount. To accept a card payment, enter the amount into the payment app on your smartphone or tablet. This links to the card reader. Some apps will allow you to pre-programme all your goods/services and associated prices in a catalogue. For each sale you only need to select items sold and the final sale amount will be calculated for you.

Insert card. Your customer is prompted to insert/swipe/touch card and to enter their PIN (if PIN required). The accessory will encrypt all card data prior to passing it to your mobile and then to the payment provider for authorisation – ensuring a secure transaction. If the card requires a signature instead of a PIN, your app will prompt you to ask the cardholder to sign on the app.

Approval confirmation.You receive confirmation on your app of the approval by the cardholder's issuer

mPos solutions live in the UK

Subject to your banks terms and conditions