Get paid through your mobile

Now it’s even easier to accept card payments by simply using your smartphone and mobile point of sale technology – mPOS.

Whether you trade from a fixed location or are out and about visiting customers, getting paid by card may be just right for you.

Convenient for your customers. Customers don't have to withdraw cash in advance or write cheques, they can simply pay you by Visa in a way they are familiar with.

Easy for you. You just need your smartphone or tablet with a small and portable cardreader for customer to insert their card and enter their PIN.

Increase your revenue. Customers who shop with Visa are not limited by the cash in their wallets so accepting card payment could lead to fewer lost sales and bigger purchases.

Improve your cash flow. It’s quicker than banking a cheque or waiting for an online credit transfer ,and you will typically receive payment for authorised payments within three-to-four working days direct to your account with no need to visit the bank.

Safer than cash. mPOS solutions are as safe and secure as standard card acceptance terminals, and you get paid without the costs and risks of handling cash.

Raise your profile. Accepting card payments contributes to the modern, innovative and professional image of your business.

Less admin for you. Take the paperwork out of payment and cut the time you spend on invoicing and payment admin

Affordable to sign-up. Solutions are available with payment options to suit your business regardless of whether you process many or just a few payments.

To get started, simply sign up for an mPOS solution with your bank or online from a range of payment providers. You will receive your chip & PIN card reader in the post within a few days.. Once you received your card reader, just download the payment app to your smartphone or tablet. You are ready to start accepting card payments!

mPos solutions live in the UK

Subject to your banks terms and conditions