Accept Visa for even more control of your business finances

Whether you sell direct to consumers or supply goods and services to businesses, accepting Visa payments is an easy way to add control to your business finances. It's something customers appreciate and which can only be good for business. You can benefit from accepting Visa card payments as follows:

  • Increased revenue opportunities. Customers who pay with Visa are not limited by the cash in their wallets, so accepting Visa is not only convenient but may lead to fewer lost sales and bigger purchases.
  • Speedier payment: Card payments rival the speed of cash, leading to shorter queues, faster service and happier customers. Plus, you waste no time paying in cash and cheques at the bank/.
  • Prompt and guaranteed payment. Visa payments are automatically processed by your acquiring bank, which typically credits your account in two to four days, removing stressful uncertainty and giving you useful liquidity.
  • Delighted customers. The convenience of card payments means customers don’t have to rely on the cash they have on them and have more flexibility when shopping.
  • Greater access. There are millions of Visa cardholders across Europe. If you accept Visa, they are all potential customers of yours. Plus, your business can take payments online or over the phone.
  • Risk removal. Visa Europe is owned by more than 4000 banks, which means we are big enough to take the risk involved in cash movements between buyers and sellers. Anyone with a Visa card has, however, been pre-vetted by us. So you can trade in confidence without tiresome credit checking or payment contracts.

It’s easy to get set up to accept Visa card payments. Click on a payment processor logo below for more information:

WorldPay JPMorgan
Barclaycard First Data Merchant Solutions
Lloyds Bank Globalpayments / HSBC