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Meet Sofyane

Mehiaoui’s experience in the sport spans various clubs in Italy, Turkey, and France. His journey led him to establish his own club, Paris Basket Fauteuil, in Gennevilliers, where he serves as chairman. This venture underscores his commitment to the sport and his desire to foster a community of athletes. 

Notably, wheelchair basketball embraces inclusivity, with teams being mixed in terms of gender and physical abilities. Able-bodied players join those with disabilities on the court, fostering a spirit of equality and camaraderie that is a hallmark of the sport. 

In both his playing and leadership roles, Sofyane Mehiaoui contributes significantly to the advancement and recognition of wheelchair basketball. His passion for the game and commitment to its growth are an inspiration for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

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Sofyane Mehiaoui

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