Contactless Payments

Feel the speed with Visa contactless payments

Why pay with your Visa contactless card

Paying with your Visa contactless card is quick and easy. Contactless payments are accepted at popular retailers across the UK including McDonalds, M&S, Starbucks, The Co-operative Food, Transport for London and WH Smiths. Over 11m transactions are made every month across the UK.

How contactless works

  1. If there’s a contactless symbol on the front of your Visa card, you can start paying with contactless right away contactless symbol

    Contactless Symbol
  2. You can make a contactless payment at any retailers that display the contactless acceptance symbol contactless symbol. Lots of retailers already accept contactless payments, such as The Cooperative Food, Costa Coffee, London Buses, McDonalds, M&S Food and Starbucks, and more are joining all the time

    Contactless with hand symbol
  3. Just touch your Visa contactless card to the contactless reader and hold until you hear the beep and the display confirms your transaction has been successful.
  4. You can pay for anything that’s up to £20. As an extra security measure, you may occasionally be asked to enter your PIN. And as with all Visa products, your payments are protected.